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"Angela's approach has helped me get the full benefits of Classical Pilates in it's true form. The subtle tweaks she manages to get me to do from her teaching are amazing."

Sarah, Cardiff.

"I started Pilates to help with my posture. I've been going for nearly 12 months and my friends have all commented how better I look. Angela is amazing and a cut above the rest."

Sue, Pontypridd

"I started Pilates to help with my stiff leg, it has helped greatly. Angela is the kindest and most helpful teacher I know- always ready with a smile, helpful move or adaptation, she's brilliant, always encouraging."

Paula, Porth.

"As I approach my 70's I want to retain flexibility and fitness. Pilates has enabled me to do that. The classes are challenging and kind. Angela pushes to the next level while at the same time understanding when we dont reach it immediately. Highly recommend."

Ruth, Hopkinstown.


"I really enjoy Angela's Pilates class. It's a lovely group and Angela is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher."

Pam, Pontypridd.

"I started Pilates to try and gain some fitness and suppleness. I feel stronger, fitter and much happier in myself. Guided by a fab teacher who encourages and pushes, but is aware of your limitations and is reassuring- I would recommend it to anyone. I've a long way to go but I can do it anyone can."

Josie, Tonypandy.

"I had been retired for nearly a year and was looking to get more active as I was beginning to realise I wasn't as fit as I had been when I was working. The main challenge for me was getting started. I was relieved that the group I joined were very friendly and encouraging and Angela was very supportive. Within 15 minutes of the hour I begin to feel the benefits, I can move more easily. By the end of the session I feel so proud of my achievement and feel exhilarated. A year on, I sleep throughout the night without having to get up to use the loo, I'm walking upright and I very rarely suffer with sciatica. I would recommend Angela's classes to anyone wishing to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing."

Jayne, Pontypridd.

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