In-Person Studio Private Lessons

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Angela teaches traditional Classical Pilates using specialist apparatus from Pilates Designs and Pilates Lineage which was imported from the USA and from Legacy Pilates Apparatus- The first of its kind to arrive in the Rhondda and Pontypridd, South Wales, UK.
The traditional apparatus enables us to experience Pilates exercises in the way they were originally intended, maximizing the benefits offered by the full Pilates system. Pilates is a complete movement system to make you flexible where you are stiff and stronger where you are weak. It helps bring the body into a better state of physical balance, improving posture, alignment and our functional abilities. Our studio lessons are personal and bespoke, tailored to your needs. 
Our Studio is equipped with the following Apparatus to teach you the traditional work of Pilates;
2 Reformers, Cadillac, Tower/ Wall Unit, High Chair, Wunda Chair, Baby Arm Chair, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Small Barrels and Mini Barrel, Ped-o-Pul, Push Up Device, Foot Corrector, Toe Correctors, 2x4 boards, Neck Stretcher, Hand Tens-o-Meter, Airplane Board, Magic Circles, Weighted Poles, Bean Bag Devices and Hand weights.
Private Lesson Schedule (most slots have a waiting list):
Mondays 12pm, 1:30pm, 3pm, 6:30pm, 8pm
Tuesdays 7am, 8:15am, 10:45am, 12:30pm
Wednesdays 12:30pm, 2:30pm, 5pm, 6.15pm
Thursdays 7am, 8:15am, 9:30am 10:45am, 12.30pm
Fridays 7:30am, 1pm, 2.30pm
Your starting point is a introductory lesson which can be arranged by clicking the link below. 
In-Person Studio Lessons: One to One
You are taught across all studio apparatus for your body needs and given mat work as homework so you can get into a regular home practice routine and become an independent Pilates student. 
- 60 minute appointments.
- Available as single lessons booked in advance.
- Available as blocks of 5- all lessons are pre-booked and pre-paid to guarantee your regular slot        and can be taken on a weekly or fortnightly basis over a 12 week period.
In-Person Studio Lessons: Duets (2 people)
Quite often people get in touch to learn Pilates alongside their partner, a family member or friend - an introductory lesson can be arranged as a Duet. 
- 60 minute appointments.
- Available as single lessons booked in advance.
- Available as blocks of 5- all lessons are pre-booked and pre-paid to guarantee your regular slot        and can be taken on a weekly or fortnightly basis over a 12 week period. Only available to duets of whom are accountable for each other.
You need to have undertaken your Introductory Lesson either Virtually or in the Studio to be able to access any of our group classes. This is to provide you with a foundation, a basic understanding of the method and go over any key modifications for safety that you may need.
Covid- 19 Considerations for In-Person Studio Lessons
- All lessons are arranged on an appointment only basis
- Health screening will be carried out as per normal and a specific pre-appointment checklist
- Your temperature is taken using a hand-held infrared thermometer upon arrival
- 15-30 minute gaps between appointments
- Our studio and toilet facilities are cleaned and disinfected between every lesson
- The space is very well ventilated. Please ensure you wear a base layer for exercise in winter.
- Hand washing facilities/ hand sanitizing available.
- We are operating within the Government guidelines and adhering to any local restrictions in place
- Please be rest assured that we have taken all necessary steps to keep us all as safe as possible        when you come for in-person studio lessons.
Covid-19 pre-appointment Checklist
If you have booked an in-person studio lesson, you will be sent this checklist below prior to each lesson to ensure you are well before you arrive.
Upon booking your first lesson, you will receive an email containing a student information pack and a health questionnaire for you to complete and return via email prior to your first lesson.
By turning up to your appointment, you are consenting to having read this checklist sent to you prior to every appointment: -
Taking part in Physical Activities such as Pilates exercise is generally safe for most people.  You have already declared any medical conditions to us. In some cases, it is appropriate for participants to first check with their medical professional prior to participation in exercise, especially if you have any symptoms of fever.  If you answer “YES” to any of the following symptoms on the checklist below or if you have experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 7 days, your lesson will need to be cancelled:
  1. sore throat
  2. cough with sputum production
  3. feeling of fatigue
  4. shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  5. a fever of 37.8 degrees or above
  6. a fever which has lasted for more than 3 days above 37.8 degrees
  7. Contact with anyone diagnosed or suspected of having Coronavirus
  8. Loss of sense of taste or smell
If the answer is YES to any of the symptoms listed above, then you MUST defer the lesson and seek appropriate medical guidance on proceeding with exercise. Please do not turn up to your appointment.
If the answer to all 7 questions is NO, then you should be reasonably safe to exercise and have low risk of medical complications from exercise
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