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Angela Green- Comprehensive Pilates Teacher
I became a Pilates Mat Work Teacher in 2006 to compliment my Fitness Professional training. Little did I know at the time, over a decade later with a stiff and injured body, that I would delve deeper into the Pilates method and train to be a Comprehensive Pilates teacher in the Classical system of the Pilates Method. It was an intense and vigorous 3 year training and apprenticeship process. I remain a student for life surrounding the Pilates Method- I take lessons virtually and in person with teachers certified by the New York Pilates Studio because these Teachers are the most Authentic, their delivery is closest to what Joseph Pilates taught and they stay true to the traditional work. I also take regular workshops with the Pilates Source to continue to grow as a Pilates practitioner. I am committed to the Traditional Pilates Method.
As a young sporty person, I always enjoyed the training involved in my own sports and I wanted to make teaching others my career and give people positive experiences of exercise to benefit their health and well-being- therefore I trained in general exercise and fitness. I was also a fitness industry tutor, assessor and IQA for 10 years. During the process of becoming older and hopefully more wiser, I have become more and more drawn to Pilates- it has a certain unique approach and set of results which are above and beyond any other form of exercise I have trained in. Therefore, I have chosen to focus all my efforts and development in Pilates and teach full-time.
During my mid-twenties, I developed a pain in my lower back and front left side of my leg which felt worse whilst running, high impact exercise, standing for long periods of time at work and generally carrying stuff. It got so bad that it really started affecting my life and limiting my physical activity choices and hobbies as well as my professional career, as I became worried about what I could and couldn’t do. After 6 months of constant pain and generally feeling frustrated, I had an MRI scan which showed that I have Spondylolisthesis, a disc bulge which was pressing on a nerve, severe disc degeneration and osteoarthritis in my lower back area. A combination of these factors may have been causing my pain which had built up over a long period of time- I played football at a high level during my youth and early 20's which is a likely contributing factor, as well as many years pounding the floor as an aerobics instructor. I spent time and money on treatments trying to fix the problem and a period of inactivity based on doctor’s advice- which I hated. I even considered surgery which I opted out of having found a less invasive solution which works... self management via Pilates!
I am selective of my activities and switched my sports to mountain biking and paddle boarding which fulfill my need for outdoor exercise. I found Pilates...the full system on the apparatus. Pilates has a unique approach to lengthen the body out as well as develop strength in places I previously didn't know existed. It's an intelligent form of body conditioning which exposes any weaknesses in strength and flexibility and re-balances these components of physical fitness as best possible to create a better functioning body. It takes time to do this but the results have been worth working for.
What is important to me personally and which is reflected in my own values is that we only live once, have one body and we must look after it so that we are able to live fulfilling and active lives. As Joseph Pilates was once quoted "Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness". I live by that.
Yours in Health,
Qualifications/ Training & Development:
Angela has up-to-date First Aid Training to include Covid-19 first aid practices (September 2020)
Pilates Specific:
Classical Pilates UK Comprehensive Pilates Certification 600 hours
Peak Pilates Comprehensive Level 1 200 hours
The Pilates Dynamic Spine- Via The New York Pilates Studio/ Pilates Source (August 2021)
Virtual Workshop with Gloria Gasperi (June 2020)
Basic Anatomy 1 for Pilates Teachers-  Via The New York Pilates Studio/ Pilates Source (July 2020)
Basic Anatomy 2 for Pilates Teachers-  Via The New York Pilates Studio/ Pilates Source (Oct 2020)
Understanding Joe's Work- Via The New York Pilates Studio/ Pilates Source (Nov 2020)
Virtual Pilates Teacher Association Conference (Dec 2020)
Pilates Teacher Association Return To Life Conference at Lancaster UK (Dec 2018)
University/ College Education:
BSc Sport & Exercise Science Degree (2.1)
BTEC National Diploma In Sport (Triple Distinction)
Numerous Fitness Industry Qualifications to include:
Level 3 Mat Work Pilates
Level 3 NVQ Instructing Physical Activity & Exercise (Yoga) & Freestyle Fitness Yoga
Level 3 Certificate in Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy      
Level 3 Personal Training, Exercise Referral, Adapting Exercise for Ante natal and Post natal Clients
Various Group Exercise Qualifications
Various Tutoring, Assessing and Quality Assurance qualifications
British Cycling Qualifications:
Level 2 British Cycling Certificate in Coaching Cycling, UK Mountain Bike Leaders Award &        Mountain Bike Coaching Award