The Pilates Method


"Pilates" is effectively the surname of it's original creator- Joesph Hubertus Pilates, born in Germany in 1883. Joesph Pilates's exercise method was called "Contrology" and became widely known as "Pilates" since his death in 1967, as a lifetime tribute to his work.
Pilates is an exercise method which strengthens and stretches the entire body through a system of cleverly designed exercises, helping to restore it to a better state of function and physical balance. The Pilates method, having stood the test of time, has proven invaluable to sports people as a form of physical conditioning and for anybody wanting to get stronger, more flexible, improve posture, maintain a healthy spine and generally improve health, well-being and thus quality of life. 
Joseph Pilates was a living testament to his own method and developed his exercise method to initially improve his own health. He was a gymnastic performer and boxer and was currently touring in England during the outbreak of world war one which resulted in internment in Lancaster and the Isle of Man for several years. Pilates developed a series of mat work exercises designed to flow in a unique sequence to optimize health and physical function. Pilates invented and hand-crafted his specialist apparatus to restore the body to full health and balance. The apparatus was designed to support the mat work as well as condition students beyond the mat. It is these items of apparatus based on his original designs which you will find in a Traditional Classical Pilates Studio today.
After the war, Pilates went on to open his own studio in the USA and trained many people during his lifetime. His students were dancers seeking rehabilitation and everyday people seeking general conditioning. He passed his Contrology method onto a select few of his trusted students- these are known as the "Pilates Elders", whom of which have kept the Pilates method alive through the development of their own training schools. Angela is committed to teaching and preserving the Classical Method of Pilates. The apparatus in Angela's studio is Classical, manufactured by Pilates Designs from New York, USA, Pilates Lineage, USA and Legacy Pilates Apparatus. The teachers influencing Angela's practice and development of the method are 2nd and 3rd generation New York teachers- all of whom stand true to the traditional teaching of the Pilates Method and link directly to the source of Joseph Pilates original teachings and his main apprentice- Romana Kryzanowska.
Thank you Joseph Pilates for the creation of your wonderful method which enhances our lives through natural functional movement!


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